Your impression of the quality and value of our services is very important to us. We respectfully ask for your assistance in evaluating the services we provided, as this will enable us to provide the best possible care to others who turn to us in their time of need.

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Our family was so blessed to be assisted by JoAnn when we were dealing with my mother's passing. She was compassionate and caring, resourceful and very knowledgeable. Jo walked through every step with us as though she was an old friend. I'm so thankful for the wonderful support she was during such a sorrowful time in our lives, and I will always remember her fondly.

Lucinda Rawdon Brown

I wanted to send a special Thank you to Jo for all of her help. We really appreciate your hard work. God bless you.

Cindy ( Erickson) Anderson

Thank you so much for your help with the funeral. You were both so attentive to what we needed, and we appreciate that. Thank you for your generous donations regarding the service and reception!

Sincerely, Nate & Robin

I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a gift you have been to my family in the last two weeks. You have an amazing gift to help people share their joy and sadness and family story during this grieving process. You walked beside us and I will always be incredibly grateful.

Love & Blessings, Barb

Thank you for all the things you do!!! We could have not gotten through the loss of Bill without you.

Love Maya

Thank you,
My dad is at peace & rest because of your services.

 Thank you, Carole

You have been a tremendous help for us during this difficult time and I hope to see you soon under better circumstances.

Sincerely, Brenda

Good Morning Jo – 
I'm at the airport ready to fly back to Arizona -- not a minute too soon for my husband!! 
I just want to thank you for all the help you gave us with Mom's service....It helps that you have a beautiful facility -- but the warmth and graciousness you provided made it a very personal loving time for the family and friends to gather.

Thank you for taking such good care of Mom -- AND US!!!!

Mary (and the rest of Norma's family)

It has been two months since my father's passing and I was thinking about you this morning. I wanted you to know what an amazing gift you have been to my family and helped us with the initial funeral experience and much more. We appreciate the time, tenderness and care you have given us and we are praying your holidays are filled with joyous family and friend time. Thanks again.

Barb & Pete

I received Sean's ashes today. Having them here is a comfort, and again I want to thank you for your time, your understanding, and incredible kindness.
May God Bless you in your endeavors.

Most sincerely, Cheryl

I am writing to tell you how wonderful the service was last week. It was the most uplifting service I have ever been too. The Pastor was outstanding and is such a talented and gifted speaker especially to those in a time of need. Normally my husband and I have listened to pastors in the past and their words or "message" go in one ear and out the other with both of us but the Pastor's words stuck with us and clearly have nearly a week later. I have been concerned for yrs how my daughter in-law would hold up if her mother was to pass as this has been looming over the family for too many yrs to count with her continuing life history of heart issues. I'm happy to report that others are holding up amazingly well and I think it is due in part to the love, caring and support the people that Sunnyside Little Chapel Of The Chimes showed to her and her family at this family's worst hour. The Pastor's soft spoken soothing words helped the healing to begin at once. How he explained death from his viewpoint was so calming for all and touched all our lives in such a personal way. We could all sit there and say "yes that sounds like how it might be"-"this makes such perfect sense!" 
Also many thanks to the funeral director for her support and professionalism through it all. You were very uplifting and understanding and the family thanks you for all you did as well.
If death yet again knocks on my door as it did too many times to count taking all my immediate family away, including 3 of my husband's grandparents, several of my aunts and uncles and cousins in the 1990's I would like nothing more than to have the next service (God willing this doesn't happen) at your chapel and with these wonderful staff members there to help me in my greatest hour of need.

Many thanks to you all!

Mrs. Connie

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for being there for my family. This was clearly the hardest day of my life...I still can't believe Mom is gone. 
I'm not a very 'spiritual' person something so amazing happened while we were with her for her last 5 days… I just don't get why it's still swarming in my head. She had a period of time where she actually woke up and spoke. Slowly at first, then more words… not conversation speaking but answering questions and doing what we asked her to do... After she told me she loved me she looked toward her window and raised her hand… she was waving at someone. I know she was… She did it 3 or 4 times... 
Maybe that's why I can't get it out of my mind. It feels like a day's not going to pass that I won't miss her.
Anyhow, I'm rambling...I just wanted to tell you thanks again for being supportive.


Thanks for saying such nice things about our thank you note. You have our permission to post a copy of the thank you note to you as a family testimonial on your new web page. Good luck with your new web site. It's amazing to me how many people do their initial search for information on the internet so I think that you are making a wise choice. 
Again, thanks for a job well-done regarding the services for our mother.

Sincerely, Mary

We were deeply impressed by the fact that you gave us a warm and hearty welcome when coming to your nice little Sunnyside Chapel of the Chimes this morning. You are fully qualified to be a Family service Director. We felt quite relaxed and light-hearted when leaving your tidy and beautiful premise. 
Your kindness and friendliness will never be forgotten; your being considerate will earn you success in life. 
You are very special. 
May the High Lord blessings be always with you and family.

Sincerely, T Tran and N

Hello , First I want to say thank you very much for your assistance and your flexibility. In times like this, people like you are a blessing for families that are going through difficult times, like we are right now. You have made this experience less painful as possible. When I call, we didn't have any idea of how or where to start, but thanks to your compassionate heart, you had guide us through this process as smooth as possible, making us feel comfortable with our decisions at this hard and painful time in our lives. God bless you always!


Thank you so much. At a time like this, things are hard, but you made it easier. I never had to deal with this before. I didn't know what to do. I especially want to your funeral director. She was so kind and helpful.


Thank you very much for all your assistance with Dad's service. I appreciate that you made such an effort to make it so special and meaningful for our family. You really went the extra mile to arrange for our luncheon and made sure all our needs were met.

I also appreciate the thoughtfulness and respect of the gentlemen who came to pick up my father the evening of his death. It made the situation much more comfortable for my mother and me.
All services provided were outstanding. I would also recommend you to anyone in need of your services.

Sincerely, Becky

Thank you again for your patience and for the valuable information that you provided to me yesterday.
We are very lucky to have the dearest and most thoughtful of Mothers. She has seen that just about everything is taken care of up to the day of her death. She had a couple of concerns/requests which were the reason why I came to see you. Your help put her now at ease.
Are you familiar with Grace Bible Church downtown? Mother lives just across from it and has watercolor painted it many times. This card is a reproduction of her work. I am including my business card which I meant to give you yesterday. I was so rattled! You were so helpful that I hope that if you need the services of a great Realtor that you let me help you.

Have a nice day, Lily

Thank you. I know this card says “small kindness” and yours is actually a very large kindness, but I kept coming back to this card and decided it was the right one.
“Thank you” does not say enough; however, thank you.

Andrea & Alison

I was in the mausoleum earlier today and wanted you to know that I am very impressed with the repair work that is ongoing. Your efforts to repair and preserve this historical mausoleum are noticed and appreciated.

Sincerely, Eric

Thank you for what you did for the family.

 Thank you,

Thank you for making Mom's service a beautiful memory. We appreciate all the work you did.
Thank you again,

 Tom, Linda & Family

After my husband died suddenly, I couldn’t have gotten through those first couple of weeks without the empathy, help and support of the staff at the Sunnyside Little Chapel of the Chimes. They have been so warm and caring and walked me gently through all the arrangements and paperwork. They were on top of everything that was needed to arrange a military interment service at Willamette National Cemetery and even changed the day of the service so my brother and his wife from Iowa could attend. We didn’t have to ask because you were all so personally involved with the process that you knew our situation and volunteered to make the change. When I changed my mind about many details along the way you always said, “Of course I can do that.” you are very professional and yet able to make me feel like you are a friend that I could lean on. Thank you for all that you do!


Thank you for all of your help and thank you for making it so I can bury my son in a beautiful place.

 Always, Britini

On behalf of the entire family, I would like to express our appreciation for your assistance with the interment of our father. Your respectfulness and professionalism were greatly appreciated and very comforting.
Many thanks and may God Bless you,

 Tom & Karilyn

I just wanted to thank you for being so compassionate. It was the most difficult time in our lives to bury our Mother, and yet you and the staff at Sunny side Little Chapel of the Chimes made us feel so comfortable and secure. I really appreciated from my part that you listened when I needed someone and comforted all the family. Thank you to you all.

 Sincerely, Nikki, Elizabeth and Family

Hi, I just wanted to take a couple minutes to let you know how pleased we were to not only have you take care of my mother last December, and then to again, help with my Dad this January. Each time that we have dealt with you, you have gone the extra mile to make sure that all of our needs were met. And this time, we needed a few special requests, one to walk the death certificate to my Dad's Dr. and then to the county so we could honor my Dad's wishes to get things done in a quick manner for my sister. We accomplished this in one day. You also took your time to come up to Willamette National and mix my Mom and Dad's ashes together, so now they are truly together again. For my Dad's service, you even printed us up flyers. You made sure everything was in order on the day of our service. And through all of this, you greeted us with a caring smile. The best appreciation that we can do for you, is refer Sunnyside Little Chapel of the Chimes to our friends and family. It was been a pleasure doing business with you. From the bottom of our heart, thank you.

 Rusty and Sheryl

I just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to you and the team there at the Little Chapel of the Chimes for all you did for my grandmother's service. As difficult and emotional a time it was, you were very easy to work with which made the whole process easier for us. Again, thank you, and best wishes to you!
With warmest regards,


Thank you for putting together a service in five days – it was just how Dad would have wanted it! Most of all thanks for being a kind and compassionate friend your support helped me through a difficult time. The roses were beautiful too!

 Thanks, Clyde & Family

I've been meaning to email you for a while, but these months have been very difficult. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you did for me and my family after my mom died.
You and will did so much, and I wanted to let you know how much easier it was during the process. Thank you again, and happy holidays.


Thank you for your extra special care, personal touch, and sincerity in working with us for the “Queen of the Fifth Floor.” We really appreciate all that you did for us.

 Art and Claire

Just a note to say Hi for all your good work handling my husband's funeral.


Thank you so much for the lovely memorial for Pete on the 18th. It meant so much to us to have such a smooth flow to the day and know that Bill and his staff were in complete control. It made a very hard day much easier. Thank you all.

 Jill, Matt, & Cris Reed

Thank you for the wonderful service for my grandma, Ione Moe. To work with such great people, who take a genuine interest in the people they are working for, was such a treat. The caring and compassionate help was so appreciated! The service went smoothly, and we have had so many family and friends complement us on the facility - that we chose a wonderful place that we could celebrate the life of Grandma. Thank you especially to Jo and Susie - we will be forever grateful for all you did for us! 
Blessings to all of you!!

 Sharilyn Brooks Ione Moe's granddaughter

R.I.P Valorie Ann Bailey. I love you grandma always and forever.

 Nicole Bailey

These people are amazing! First we want to thank you all (Sarah, Mike Wolfe, and Mike Ashe) you guys went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and accommodated when my dad and I came into in a very short time for my grandmother. You offered answers to all our questions, comfort for our tough time and most of all your time and patience with us. We left very happy. We spent a lot of time with Sarah back and forth with all the jewelery and urns we purchased. She was wonderful. Then we had a small mishap with one piece of the jewelery. Not only did you guys Mike Ashe and Sarah go above and beyond to fix the one piece but make sure that all seven pieces were proper for us. You have completely overwhelmed our family with your caring and compassionate help. There is so much more we could say about these people, I could go on and on about how well they did for us and how much we appreciate it. They have turned a grieving time into a time of joy and made it much easier for us. We thank you all for what you have done for our family. Thank You the Johnsons

 Brandi Johnson