Travel Protection

What would your family do if you unfortunately died while out of your local area? The financial and logistical difficulties could be staggering and basic health insurance plans, or even Medicaid, do not offer this coverage.

Working with a world-leading emergency assistance company, our travel protection provides coverage for the return of remains when you’re 75 miles or more away from home. With a single call, the protection takes charge of all the details - removing your family’s stress about what to do next by helping to:

  • Find a local, licensed funeral home to care for the deceased

  • Arrange for the preparation of the deceased for transport, including the advanced cost of embalming and cremation

  • Work with the funeral home to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled

  • Handle all documents, including customs documents, or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world

All it takes to be covered is to complete a simple application form and submit a one-time membership fee – no other payment will ever be required. When you receive your membership card you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected no matter how far you travel.

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